Product Information

Why Glutamed ND?

Glutamed ND contains a blend of Butyrates, Calcium Propionate, Ursodoxicoltaurine(TUDCA), Trehalose, L-Glutamine, Seaweed and essential Minerals and Trace elements.

As many of these ingredients are already used by ALS/MND patients separately, we have combined them into a more convenient, single-serving sachet.

Ingredients have been selected based on those showing the most promise, in terms of current scientific research, in the area of neurodegenerative diseases.

are also known as Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFA's) which are derived from the fermentation of dietary fibre by gut bacteria.

Calcium & Magnesium Buytrate, Calcium Propionate, Calcium beta-Hydroxymethylbutyrate (HMB).

  • Butyrate, Propionate and Acetate are the primary energy source for cells lining the colon and small intestine, and are thus key in maintaining gut barrier function
  • are needed for a balanced/ healthy microbiome
  • facilitate immune modulation (T-cell activity) and overall anti-inflammatory response
  • are mediators of the gut-brain axis, potentially affecting mental health and mood
  • reduce muscle wasting and preserve muscle strength
  • anti-inflammatory properties

a bile acid conjugated with taurine.

  • inhibits apoptosis (cell-death)
  • reduces oxidative stress
  • plays a role in maintaining the intestinal microbiome
  • helps enhance bile flow, which promotes healthy digestion and absorption of dietary fats

a disaccharide found in plants.

  • enhances autophagy (a natural process to clean out damaged cells). It thereby regulates the breakdown and recycling of cellular components, to prevent toxic build up
  • anti-inflammatory properties
  • reduces oxidative stress

is the most abundant amino acid in the body. Deficiency is common in catabolic/critically ill patients.

  • Plays an important role in muscle protein synthesis, thereby reducing muscle wasting
  • key energy source needed for maintaining gut-mucosal integrity
  • reducing inflammation by promoting production of anti-inflammatory cytokines such as IL10, thus Tregs
  • wound healing
  • reduces oxidative stress

a marine algae prebiotic (MAP).

  • contains dietary fibre with surplus-value (meaning a good balance of both insoluble and soluble fibres), together with digestible proteins and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids
  • low in Iodide

  • promotes brain health and provides energy

  • anti-inflammatory effect 
  • may improve brain function

  • blood levels of zinc, copper and selenium are commonly low in patients with neurodegenerative diseases.

Product Composition

  • Pack Size

    Glutamed ND is available in boxes of 30 X 25g sachets


 per 100 g servingper 25 g serving


1600 kJ (382 kcal)

400 kJ (95 kcal)


40.8 g

10.2 g

Glycaemic Carbohydrates

of which total sugar

36.6 g
34 g

9.2 g
8.5 g

Total fat
of which:
- saturated fat
- monounsaturated fat
- polyunsaturated fat

14.4 g

8.2 g
1.4 g
4.8 g

3.6 g

2 g
0.4 g
1.2 g

Dietary fibre *

0.8 g

0.2 g

Total sodium

1.95 g

0.49 g


1.15 g

0.29 g


284 mg

71 mg


14 mg

3.5 mg


2 mg

0.5 mg


80 mcg

20 mcg

* AOAC 991.43

Ingredients: L-Glutamine, Sucrose, Trehalose, Calcium beta-Hydroxy-beta Methylbutyrate, Soya Lecithin, Ursodoxicoltaurine (TUDCA), MCT Coconut oil, Magnesium beta-Hydroxybutyrate, Calcium beta-Hydroxybutyrate, Calcium Propionate, Xanthan gum, Seaweed, Zinc Sulphate, Copper Sulphate, Sodium Selenite, Acidity regulator (E500), Sucralose and Steviol extract (non-nutritive sweeteners)


Mixing Instructions

Take 1 - 3 Glutamed ND Sachets in divided doses daily.

Glutamed ND should be taken with a meal or snack.
Mix the powder contents of one Glutamed ND sachet with 100 - 140 ml room temperature (25C/77F) water.
Stir until well dissolved. Once mixed, use immediately.

Week 1 | 1 Glutamed ND Sachet daily.

Week 2 | Take 1 Glutamed ND sachet twice daily, morning and evening. If well-tolerated, move to the maintenance dose in Week 3.

Week 3 | Take 1 Glutamed ND sachet three times daily, morning, midday and evening.

Our Recommended Cocoa Coffee Recipe

Glutamed ND has a bitter aftertaste, to improve the taste, try our cocoa, coffee and milk recipe:

STEP: 1 Make the Cacao mixture

Dissolve 2-3 t (approx. 12-18 g) organic cacao powder [no sugar added] and 1 t instant coffee powder in boiling water or dissolve 2-3 t (12-18 g) organic cacao powder in boiling water and add 1 espresso shot (35ml).  Add coconut milk to approximately 450ml and refrigerate. Use in divided doses daily. Discard any unused mixture after 24 hours.

STEP: 2 Add the Glutamed ND

Mix the contents of 1 Glutamed ND sachet with 100ml – 140ml of the cold cacao milk blend. Stir well. Consume immediately.


Mix the powder contents of 1 Glutamed ND sachet with 100 ml room temperature (25C/77F) water. Stir until dissolved.

Administer the Glutamed ND mixture through the feeding tube. Flush the feeding tube with warm water, after administering the dose.

Note: the powder may contain larger particles. Mixing with warm water may facilitate mixing and solubility. Take care when drawing up and administering the mix, so as not to block the enteral tube.

Precautions and Safety Instructions

Should mild gastrointestinal side-effects, such as bloating, nausea, cramps and diarrhoea occur, the dose of Glutamed ND can be titrated, starting with 1 sachet daily and building up to 1 sachet three times daily.

Glutamed ND is designed to be administered in conjunction with a balanced diet. A lack of adequate nutrition could increase the risk of gastrointestinal discomfort and prolong the time taken to achieve the maintenance dose. For these patients, the single-dose 25 g sachet given in week 1, may be further divided between the 3 main meals daily.

Do not take additional butyrate, propionate, TUDCA or glutamine without consulting your healthcare professional.

Glutamed ND sachets are high in salt (sodium), consult your healthcare professional regarding daily salt intake, should you have any concerns.

Inform your healthcare professional of all concomitant medication you are taking.

Glutamed ND is not a balanced diet. Use UNDER MEDICAL SUPERVISION ONLY.

Glutamed ND sachets have a shelf-life of 24 months from date of manufacture. 

Store unopened, in a cool dry place, not exceeding 25C/77F. Once mixed, ideally consume immediately.